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gathering the summer in

....before I head off to France to teach. Though I always feel I should spend more time at home during the summer, other adventures always seem to beckon. 

This year it began with sailing the Southern Gulf Islands on Circadia with my french friends Brigitte and Isabelle.

I never tire of these islands, which are so familiar, yet always feel exotic.

Brigitte is my long suffering French instructor--you'll notice the mandatory french vocabulary ;)

Late June, I left the boat temporarily to join my good friend Nancy for our annual Mitlenatch warden week.

We have been coming to this seabird colony in the Strait of Georgia for over twenty years. It is always magical, an island dense with birds and wildflowers, sitting in a great bowl of blue, rimmed with mountains.

Home from sailing for a few days and then off to work on Maple Leaf in Alaska. 

Everything is big in Alaska!


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I so enjoyed this post. Loving your maps--We cycled the Arbutus Greenway here in Vanc'r on the weekend, and I was thinking as I rode that I should try sketching out my conceptions of the city, of its neighbourhoods, places I'd been, activities, etc. Won't be as accomplished as yours, obviously, but still an interesting project. Thanks -- as always! --for the inspiration

August 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterFrances

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