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my new flame

Can’t believe it’s been almost year since my last post. It’s been a fast but full one, mostly taken up with the launch of my novel, Dazzle Patterns last fall, and busy months of readings.

In the spring I heard that the novel had been nominated for the Amazon Canada First Novel Award, which brought my husband and I home from our spring trip to Italy a week early, to Toronto for the awards ceremony. It was  wonderful to be part of this incredible group of Canadian writers and deeply gratifying to feel that my book found its mark amongst readers. The stunning Water Beetles, by Michael Kaan won.

This September I returned to France to teach with Kelley Aitken. In this, our 7th year, we decided to offer two workshops in Lyon. Kelley had spent time there with a good friend, Sandrine, who was our Lyon Ambassador for the weeks there. I had never been there.

To make a long story short, I fell in love with this city. With its palette of warm sienna’s, pinks, cinnamons, and soft yellows: the buildings which were once filled with Jacquard silk loom ateliers. Once there were 40,000 looms in Lyon. Now the workshops have been transformed into apartments which retain their tall ceilings (which once accommodated the 15’ high looms) and the tall windows which lit the workshops. 

Silk "canettes" for the looms.


Our apartment was perched on the top of one of these buildings and looked out acroos a cul-de-sac to the roof top of Saint Nizier Cathedral with its troop of gargoyles.

At night bats threaded the air; stain glass windows glowed yellow and sounds of mass floated up the courtyard. At 3 in the morning smells of fresh bread and croissants drifted up from the bakery on the next street. 

The city lies between two rivers and so is spun together with bridges, over which pour traffic, pedestrians and bicycles. 

The horses' nostrils snort mist in this magnificent fountain, where each enormous horse represents one of he five rivers of France. 

The beauty and grace of lyon, the food, the markets, the museums, the parks, really captured my heart. I love Paris but Lyon is my new flame. I am sure we will offer workshops there again….

                                     market day





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